Filmsticks Transparent Cases, Refillable non-permanent Marker Pens & Superior Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth

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Filmsticks, who manufacturer the world’s only weatherproof/waterproof clapper sticks, have announced new Transparent Cases, Refillable non-permanent Marker Pens, and a Superior Multi-Purpose Cleaning Cloth.

Customer feedback has driven the development of this brand new accessories range that has been designed with 2nd Assistant Cameras, (2nd ACs) and industry professionals in mind.

Filmsticks Trio of Transparent Cases

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This new set of three Filmsticks Transparent Cases have been designed to offer the ultimate in quality, durability, and practicality. They look to be ideal for a broad range of applications, (stowing cables, tools, make-up supplies, filters, etc). They are available in three sizes: large, medium, and small.

  • Small Case 170 x 50 x 135mm
  • Medium Case 210 x 50 x 145mm
  • Large Case 250 x 50 x 160mm

There are five different colors available in each size, so users can easily identify types of equipment by color coding and simple labeling on the outside of each case.

The outer casing is transparent and is claimed to be manufactured in high-quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU), which gives enhanced elasticity and greater resistance to oil and grease while providing greater durability to scuffs.

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The transparent top and bottom panel design of the cases allows users to locate items quickly, without needing to open the case. Accessing equipment is simple with the case opening, and staying open, to a complete 180-degrees.

The main body panels are made from flexible EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) with colored nylon mesh and matching zippers.

They are available as a set of three in Black, Blue and Red, with Yellow and Green completing the range shortly after launch.

The Filmsticks Set of Small, Medium and Large Thermoplastic Polyurethane Transparent Cases retails for £24.99 ex VAT.

Filmsticks Refillable, Reusable Non-Permanent Marker Pen

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The new Filmsticks Refillable and Reusable Multi-Purpose Non-Permanent Marker Pen can be used on clapper boards, whiteboards, on film sets, etc.

It has been designed so you don’t have to throw it out as it features its own unique high-capacity Refillable Valve System. This allows quick and easy replacements using Filmsticks’ ink cartridges.

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The marker also has the ability to switch between chisel and round nibs. This gives an unusual level of versatility with the ability to completely replace worn nibs, removing unnecessary waste.

The Filmsticks Re-Useable Non-Permanent Acrylic Board – Black Marker Penretails for £2.08 ex VAT.

Filmsticks Multi-Purpose Cloth

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The Filmsticks Multi-Purpose Cloth comics in two different variations. The large 25cm x 25cm, (9.8in. x 9.8in.) flat cloth can be used for slate cleaning, whiteboards, and any other situations where our non-permanent ink has been applied.

Filmsticks claims that it is perfectly safe and soft and can also be used to clean lenses, glasses, screens, and any other precious glass items.

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The ‘Strip’ version of the Filmsticks cloth comes in packs of five and has been specifically designed to wrap around the end of the Filmsticks Refillable and Reusable Multi-Purpose Non-Permanent Marker Pen. Its 10cm x 10cm, (3.9in. x 3.9in.) size.

All Filmsticks cloths are machine washable, and reusable.

The Filmsticks Microfibre Polyester and Polyamide Cloth Strips with Adhesive Tape for Marker Pen retails for £4.17 ex VAT.

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