Matthews Steady Rest

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Matthews Steady Rest (Moses pole) is a double riser, telescoping pole with a crutch tip on the bottom and a 5/8” baby pin on the top.

The Steady Rest can be used as end support for slider systems when rigged on a dolly to help prevent sag. You can use the baby ball head adapter to rig it on the bottom of your slider.

Key features

  • 28”-70” (71cm – 178cm) height range
  • Weight Capacity ( 90 lbs or 40 kgs )
  • 5/8” knurled baby stud on top
  • Non-slip crutch tip on the bottom
  • All steel risers
  • Compatible with ball head adapter pn# 415173 to convert to 3/8-16 male thread

The Steady Rest was originally designed to rest steady-cam systems and stabilizers in-between shots to give the operator’s back a break.

The Steady Rest can be used with quite a lot of sliders, but it has been engineered to work well with Matthews Sliders. It works well if you want to accommodate weight offsets. The Steady Rest has a 90-lb/40 kg load capacity, so it is good for those times when you need to distribute the weight and prevent sag when using a heavy camera rig on the far end of a Slider.

The Steady Rest retails for $127 USD.

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