ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger for Sony NP Batteries Review

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The ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger is a low-cost charger that you can use with Sony NP-F550/F570/F750/F980 batteries.

The Smart PD Fast Charger is a good solution if you own a BMPCC 6K Pro, Atomos device, or any other product that runs off Sony NP-style batteries.

Most quad NP battery chargers are very large and expensive.

Key features

  • Patented intelligent battery identification technology, battery power is automatically adjusted to increase the charging efficiency by 150%
  • The charger automatically identifies the battery model and automatically adjusts the charging power according to the battery model
  • NP-F550/F570 charging current 0.7A; NP-F750/F970 charging current 1.8A
  • PD/QC protocol
  • 60W fast charging
  • Supports the charging of 4 batteries at the same time, with at least 3 being fast charged (depends on different battery models)

Who is ZITAY?

 ZITAY is located in ShenZhen China and was established in 2015. The company makes a range of products, including cables, battery solutions, and dummy card to SSD adaptors.

What do you get?

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The kit comes with the following:

  • 1x ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger
  • 1x 65W USB-C Power Adaptor
  • 1x 1m / 3.3ft USB Type-C Cable

4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger

The 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger weighs in at just 121.6g / 4.28 oz and it has a very small footprint. These types of chargers are great when you are traveling because they take up very little space.

Each charging bay has its own charging indicator LED lights. You can see clearly once the battery has reached 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% charge.

The other nice aspect about the charger is that you can plug it in and attach a battery and it will show you how much charge it has left. This is very handy as a lot of Sony NP-style batteries don’t have any battery indicators on them.

The charger itself is well made and the batteries attach securely. You can even turn the charger upside down and shake it and the batteries won’t move. There is no actual physical battery release mechanism, you just pull up on the battery and they will come out of the charger.

Charging Time

ZITAY claims that you can fully charge 4x NP-F970 (6600mAH) batteries in 3.5 hours. I found that this quoted charging time seems to be fairly accurate, however, it really depends on the age of the battery and the brand that you are using.

Now, what you also have to take into account is that depending on what type of Sony NP batteries you are charging, you may not be able to charge four at once.

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Above you can see that if you try and charge the large F970 batteries, you can only charge 3 at once. It is the same case if you tray and charge 3x F970 batteries and 1x F550.

USB-C PD Wall Charger

The USB-C PD wall charger supports up to 65W of power delivery. It has been designed for use with both PD and QC charging protocols.

There is nothing overly special about the wall charger, but it is well made and USB-C cables stay in securely.


  • DC Input: 5V-20V, 60W(Max)
  • USB C Input: 5V-20V, 60W(Max); QC 5V 9V 12V; PD 5V 9V 12V 15V 20V
  • Output: 8.4V 1.8A4(Max) Compatible Battery: NP-F550/F570/F750/F970 etc. Size: 9584*21.5mm
  • Net Weight: 121.6g / 4.28 oz


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The ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger for Sony NP Batteries is available for $69.99 USD.

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ZITYAY also sells its own newly designed Battery (Sony NP-F970-980-F550) with Dual DC Ports and Type C USB Ports for $68.50 USD

The ZITAY Battery (Sony NP-F970-980-F550) with Dual DC Ports and Type C USB Ports Battery is actually very competitively priced and it is a lot more affordable than options from Sony, Blueshape, and Anton Bauer.

ZITAY Battery Sony NP-F970-980-F550
with Dual DC Ports and Type C USB Ports
$68.50 USD
ZILR 74.37Wh L-Series/NP-F97$79.99 USD
Sony NP-F970 L-Series$134 USD
Anton Bauer NP-F976 7.2V$89 USD
BLUESHAPE Sony NP-F970$121.60 USD
Fxlion 48Wh 7.4V Battery with
Sony NP-F970 Mount
$107 USD
SHAPE NP-F980$51.92 USD
SWIT S-8972 7.2V$90 USD

Real World Use

The ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger for Sony NP Batteries works as advertised. Having the ability to charge four batteries at once (or at least three depending on the model) through USB-C PD on a lightweight and compact charger is great. If you are a traveling shooter, these types of charges make a ton of sense.

So many products use Sony NP batteries and it is always handy to have a small charger in your bag that you can use.


The ZITAY 4-Bay Smart PD Fast Charger for Sony NP Batteries is a nice, versatile solution that enables you to charge up to four readily available Sony NP style batteries at once. I’m not currently aware of any other quad Sony NP style battery charger on the market that uses USB-C PD.

It is well priced, solidly made and it performs as advertised.

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