The Cinematography of Jungle Cruise

GCS278 Flavio Labiano

On the latest Go Creative Show Podcast, cinematographer Flavio Labiano shares his experience working with Emily Blunt and The Rock on Disney’s Jungle Cruise.

Jungle Cruise is a modern adventure film whose cinematography is inspired by old-school classics. Cinematographer Flavio Labiano and Go Creative Show host Ben Consoli talk about the movie and go into a lot of detail about how the film was mainly shot in a giant water-tank in an Atlanta parking lot.

Flavio and Ben discuss the challenges of filming the boat scenes, the role of 2nd unit cinematography, and the importance of color in cinematography.

Topics Covered:

  • What it’s like working with A-list actors (01:04)
  • Why the boat scenes were so challenging (03:29)
  • Importance of color in cinematography (07:02)
  • Why the Jungle Cruise ride was not a big inspiration (11:06)
  • The movie’s inspiration from 1970s movies (13:47)
  • The role of 2nd unit cinematography (16:08)
  • Deconstructing the “coming out” scene (19:02)
  • Challenges of shooting in an exterior water tank (22:57)
  • Creating the vintage camera scenes (34:11)
  • How to create engaging action sequences (35:57)
  • Shooting with Alexa Mini and Panavision lenses (40:52)
  • Flavio’s early film career (44:10)
  • Lack of passion in some filmmakers (49:14)

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