Feiyutech FeiyuPocket 2 & FeiyuPocket 2S

Feiyutech has announced the FeiyuPocket 2 and FeiyuPocket 2S gimbal cameras. These are the follow-ups to the original FeiyuPocket.

The FeiyuPocket 2 and FeiyuPocket 2S Gimbal Camerasย are being targeted as good options for travel and action videos, social media video posting, and Vlogging.

Ever since the release of the DJI Osmo Pocket, we have seen countless companies making small gimbal cameras that feature almost identical designs and feature sets.


The FeiyuPocket 2S is an upgraded version of the FeiyuPocket 2. It is equipped with a 130ยฐ ultra wide-angle lens, and it also includes a magnetic base.

The biggest selling point of the FeiyuPocket 2S is that it features a detachable camera. This allows you to use it as both a gimbal and an action camera.

Screen Shot 2021 08 04 at 11 30 36

The FeiyuPocket 2S also features an HDMI output.

The FeiyuPocket 2S also has a lot of optional accessories that you can use. These include:

  • External MIC adapter
  • External controller
  • Smartphone Holder +
    Tripod set
  • Extension Rod

Both the FeiyuPocket 2 and FeiyuPocket 2S include a variety of photography modes, includingย All-follow, Trail Time-Lapse, Slow Motion, Panoramic, and Beauty and AI Face Recognition functions. They also have aย large touch screen and aย 5-way joystickย 

Screen Shot 2021 08 04 at 11 37 28

The gimbal cameras can be used with the Feiyu Camera Appย which allows you to monitor video, control the camera, take pictures and video, record time-lapse, etc.

Screen Shot 2021 08 04 at 11 22 27

The cameras can shoot:

  • UHD 3840×[email protected]/50/48/30/25/24fps ย ย ย ย 
  • 2.7K 2720×[email protected]/50/48/30/25/24fps ย ย ย ย 
  • 1080P 1920×[email protected]/60/50/48/30/25/24fps
  • Video Formats: MOV, MP4
  • Video Recording Modes: Video, Timelapse, Slow Motion
  • Max.Video Bit rate: [email protected] fps, Max. Bit rate is 120Mbps
  • Supported File Formats: FAT32, exFAT
  • Supported SD Cards: Micro SD, maximum support 512g memory card(recommended to use U3 and above high-speed cards)

FeiyuPocket 2 & FeiyuPocket 2S Features:

  • 4K/60fps high-definition, high frame rate video, with a stream of up to 120Mbps.
  • Micro High-Torque Mechanical Anti-Shake Technology.
  • Professional photography modes: All-follow, Trail Time-Lapse, Slow Motion, Panoramic, Beauty, Anti-distortion, and AI Face Recognition functions for more attractive videos.
  • 1.3 inch touch screen, for a new level of clarity for videos.
  • Super user-friendly experience for all.
  • 5-way joystick.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Supports extended external microphones.
  • 12 million pixels
  • 2.0 large aperture 6-glass high-definition lens for a wider field of view while shooting 120ยฐ ultra wide-angle to 130ยฐ ultra wide-angle.
  • Durable CNC technology casing with high-quality metal precision processing.
  • Weighs only 4.4 oz (127g).
  • Pocketable: can be held with one hand for easy selfie shooting.
  • Feiyu Camera App: simultaneously watch video while shooting in real-time, control the camera, take pictures and video, record time-lapse, use remote sensing to control the lens, and more. 

FeiyuPocket2s Additional Features:

  • 130ยฐ ultra wide-angle lens.
  • Magnetic base, which can be easily integrated with the gimbal handle.
  • Supports WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) for clear images even in direct sunlight, dark/low-light, or nighttime shooting.
  • Supports HDMI output.
  • Provides higher quality images without flicker, with more expressive details and more realistic colors.
  • Ergonomic handle with a curve design for longer, more comfortable shooting.

Pricing & Availability

The FeiyuTech FeiyuPocket 2 Gimbal Cameraย is now available $329 USD.

The FeiyuTech FeiyuPocket 2S Gimbal Cameraย will be available for preorder at Indiegogo with a 25% discount at:ย https://igg.me/at/feiyutech.

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