Convergent Design Erika- a wireless multi-mic system

Convergent Design has announced Erika, a wireless multi-mic system designed for Zoom, live-streaming, podcasts, and content creation.

It has been quite a while since we heard from Convergent Design and it looks like the company has completely changed its tact from making monitor/recorders to focusing on live streaming products.

Erika is claimed to provide superior audio quality over speaker-phones, laptop/cellphone mics, as well as being able to minimize echoes and background noise are. You can use between 1-12 microphones simultaneously on the same call. This makes it suitable for Zoom and other live streaming calls where multiple people need to be heard clearly and concisely. The system doesn’t require any mixers or additional software, it has been designed to keep things as simple as possible.

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To join a meeting all the user has to do is tap the mic. As Erika is a wireless system, people can freely move around a room which is handy if you are demonstrating products.

So how does it work?

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Just like any wireless system, Erika consists of a TX and an RX. Dynamic switching means that up to 12 mics can be used with the same receiver, without additional hardware. The system has been designed to be smart, so it continuously evaluates the audio level from all mics; enabling one mic, while temporarily muting all others.

Beyond supporting multiple mics to one receiver, dynamic switching blocks the noise, combing and echoes from “open” mics, while dramatically reducing the wireless traffic compared to analog wireless mics.

The system has what is referred to as an ‘Active Spotlight’, which is essentially a small LED indicator that lights up for a few seconds so people can see who the active speaker is.

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Now despite being plug and play you still have the option to use the Erika app which allows you to admit new participant(s), mute mics, name mics, check audio and battery levels, lock to a single mic, and update the firmware. It is available for both PC & Mac.

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Auto pairing allows the same Erika mic to be connected to different receivers without the need for any type of complex setup. So the same Erika mic can be used at your home office, a corporate office, or anywhere else.

The audio latency is claimed to be approximately 30 mS end to end, or less than one frame of video (at 25/30 fps). Most apps have AV sync adjustments to align the audio and video. Audio sync adjustments are standard in most video recording programs.

What is the system’s operating range?

Erika operates in the 2.4 GHz band. By default, it ships with a range setting of 3, which corresponds to about 75’ line of sight. Of course, walls and other obstructions will reduce the range, so users are encouraged to download the Erika app and adjust the wireless range for their specific environment. A range setting of 5 (the maximum) will provide 300 feet open air, line of sight range. However, in most applications, it’s better to reduce the operating range to minimize interference and increase battery life. The Erika app enables fine-tuning of this wireless range.

Can I use Erika with my cellphone?

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Cellphone compatibility is a complex subject. Apple products require a special A/V cable which is not readily available. Erika does function with Android phones when combined with a video or audio recording app. Connection to an Android phone requires a USB-C to USB-C cable, which is not included. Erika is not compatible with any cellphone while making a phone call or when used with an online meeting app, like Zoom, Teams or WebEx.

Can I use Erika with my DSLR / audio mixer?

Erika is a USB only device without an analog output, however, if you are recording / streaming with a laptop then one or more Erika’s can be easily connected. OBS (Open Broadcast Software) supports the mixing of multiple mics for streaming and simultaneously recording each mic into individual tracks.

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Erika is available in a range of colors and configurations.

Price & Availability

The Convergent Design Erika is now available in various different packages. Below are the prices:

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Additional Convergent Design Erika Ultracompact Wireless Microphone Transmitters (2.4 GHz) are available for $99 USD.

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Additional Convergent Design Erika Wireless USB Receivers (2.4 GHz) retail for $39 USD.


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Convergent Design is also working on an Erika+ Wireless Receiver that will be available in Q4 2021.

Erika+ will be a new wireless receiver with analog and USB audio and it will also be compatible with the current Eriks mics. Erika+ will provide simultaneous support for local and remote (livestream) audiences. Balanced audio out (XLR) feeds can be sent directly to in-house audio or powered speakers.

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