Teradek Bolt 4K LT MAX

Teradek’s new Bolt 4K LT MAX supports true HDR monitoring workflows with 10-bit 4:2:2 transmission. It can send up to 4K 30p over HDMI and up to 1080 60p using SDI.

The Bolt 4K LT MAX is the latest addition to the Bolt 4K family. It joins the previously released Bolt 4K LT, Bolt 4K, and the Bolt 4K MAX. It is powered by a 3rd-generation Amimon 4K chipset.

Screen Shot 2021 06 25 at 8 46 20

It is interoperable with the entire lineup of Bolt 4K, Bolt 4K LT, and Bolt 4K Monitor Modules.

Screen Shot 2021 06 25 at 8 39 32

Teradek claims that the Bolt 4K LT MAX has a claimed transmission range of up to 5,000+ feet (1524m).

iOS & Android App Control

With the free Teradek Bolt iOS/Android application you can wirelessly pair any TX and RX devices, manually designate specific 5GHz channels, apply individual RX LUT output settings, and monitor environmental signal interference with the 5GHz Spectrum Analyzer and Wireless Health analysis tools.

Price & Availability

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Sending uncompressed 4:2:2 10-bit 4K wireless video over large distances doesn’t come cheap. Below you can see the prices for the individual components and sets:

The Bolt 4K series is being targeted squarely at the higher end of the market.

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