SmallHD Cine 13– 4K 13-inch high-bright monitor

SmallHD has announced the Cine 13, a new 4K 13-inch high-bright monitor. This is SmallHD’s first 13″ 4K monitor and it joins the Cine 24 24″ 4K monitor that was announced late last year.

The Cine 13 allows users to view both HD and 4K video. It features a 13-inch 3840 x 2160 IPS LCD screen with a claimed brightness of over 1500nits. It covers 100% REC.709. The screen isn’t a true 10-bit display, instead, it features the commonly used 10-bit (8+2). Some potential buyers may find this a little disappointing given the high cost of the monitor.

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Whether or not there is a real benefit in having a 4K display over an HD display in this size is debatable. It really depends on what your intended use is. For focus pullers, the ability to zoom in to a 4K image (as long as the image being received is 4K) would certainly be beneficial, but then again, most focus pullers would probably prefer to be using a larger screen.

The monitor includes four independent 12G-SDI inputs/outputs, integrated accessory power ports, a dovetail mounting rail for battery plate or accessory mounting, and a removable bottom Cheese Rail for additional mounting flexibility. It also has a ⅛” headphone jack, 1W Speaker, 1x 4-pin XLR, and a power port for a battery plate (this is sold separately).

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The Cine 13 is housed in an aluminum unibody chassis and weighs 6.8-lbs (3.08kg). According to SmallHD, this makes it one of the lightest 4K monitors on the market.

As with all new SmallHD monitors, it features the popular PageOS 4 operating system that has tools like Color Pipe color rendering, Custom False Color, and Pomfort Livegrade integration. There are 4K HDR waveform and scopes, a monitor calibration wizard and in a future firmware update, there will be dual and quad-view options enabled.


There aren’t a lot of 13″ sized 4K monitors on the market. CAME-TV has a 12.5″ 4K 3840 x 2160 Broadcast Monitor but that only has 400nits of brightness and it only features a single 3G SDI input so the only way you can actually view 4K is through HDMI.

There is also the Lilliput A12 12.5″ 4K Monitor which is essentially the same monitor as the CAME-TV.

Atomos doesn’t have a 4K monitor in this size range. There smallest 4K monitor is the NEON 24″ 4K HDR Monitor/Recorder.

Price & Availability

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The Cine 13 will start shipping in late July for $4,699.00 USD.

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