Bubblebee Industries Sidekick 3 IFB In-Ear Monitor

Bubblebee Sidekick 3 Collage

With suggestions made by users, Bubblebee Industries releases an updated Sidekick 3 IFB in-ear monitor in mono and stereo versions.

The Bubblebee Sidekick 3 In-Ear IFB Monitor is a virtually invisible IFB cuing & communications earpiece designed to deliver excellent performance while being almost invisible, comfortable, with clear, intelligible sound. Bubblebee Industries states they have improved on many things that users have asked for, most notably the driver. It features the most advanced driver technology ever in such a small earpiece. Their new durable and resilient transducers have been tested extensively with up to 3 times higher tolerances than previous versions.

New Driver Technology

The Sidekick 3 Driver New

The Sidekick 3 features their best micro-speaker driver solution, where the entire driver fits comfortably in the ear canal. This eliminates the need for acoustic tubes, resulting in practically invisible, crystal-clear cues, even in noisy environments.

Their newly designed driver has an extended frequency response, delivering an entirely improved listening experience. The Sidekick 3 is tough and resilient, tested with up to 3 x higher tolerances than previous Sidekick versions.

A lower impedance driver allows a greater volume control range, so The Sidekick 3 can be used just as easily with a lower output device, such as directly plugged into a mobile phone, as it can with professional IFB and IEM receivers.

Switch The Driver Between Ears

Use the Sidekick 3 Mono in either left or right ears

Gone are the days of Mono L and Mono R. The Sidekick 3 has a universal fit for either ear.

Their unique new cable loop guides the cable neatly behind the ear, hidden from sight so that The Sidekick 3 is virtually invisible when worn correctly.

The Sidekick 3 driver unit is so small that it is not visible when worn in the ear. Coupled with the transparent cable, this makes it incredibly hard to see from most angles.

The Sidekick 3’s cable is 44% thinner than the first generation cable with a diameter of only 33μm. The color-neutral cable easily blends into almost any background without being noticed on camera.

New Ear Tip

The Sidekick 3 with new

They have added a new “Round” ear tip, which increases frequency definition in the lower frequencies for a much more rounded sound. The original Satellite and Christmas Tree-ear tips are still included with the Sidekick 3 so that you can choose just the right amount of ambiance for the job.

If you’d like the new “Round” ear tip for your Sidekick V1 or V2, they gave added the new “Round” ear tip to our Sidekick Spares Kit so you can experience an increased frequency definition using older generations of The Sidekick.

The new Sidekick 3 IFB in-ear monitor mono retails for €220,00
Sidekick 3 IFB in-ear monitor stereo retails for €330,00 and is available from dealers worldwide and on their website.

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