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Autoscript has announced Autoscript Voice, which features a ground-breaking industry-first in prompting control technology. Using Voice for WinPlus-IP, presenters can take advantage of reliable and accurate real-time control of their prompted script simply by speaking the words. This takes away the dependence on having to use foot or hand controls.

Designed as part of WinPlus-IP, Voice utilizes patent-pending technology to provide a bespoke solution for live television production.

How does it work?

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Voice actively monitors the production audio feed so that it can automatically advance the script as the words are spoken by the presenter. By utilizing real-time speech recognition, proprietary algorithms, and advanced pattern matching, the system ensures that the script always scrolls in perfect synchronization with the presenter. Voice is also smart enough that it will even pause for adlibs and resume scrolling when the presenter goes back to the script.

The system automatically handles numerous script and show formats and it can be used by multiple presenters. It also has the ability to be able to operate simultaneously with other Autoscript scroll control devices.  

Field Testing

Autoscript has been working closely with a major US television network over the last three years. During this time they have completed extended beta testing and shadowed live newscasts. Following the successful beta test phase, Voice is now being used by the network in their studios on daily live programming.

The new Autoscript Voice teleprompting control system can be used to control output to EPIC-IP and EVO-IP prompt monitors and Xbox-IP Scroll Engines and is available for demonstration from Autoscript representatives.

More information about Autoscript Voice and WinPlus-IP is available at www.autoscript.tv.  

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