Nanlux Evoke 1200 LED Spot Light

Nanlux has announced the Evoke 1200 LED Spot Light. As the name suggests, this is a high-power draw 1200W LED spot light with a 120° beam angle. It will be available in either daylight or tungsten versions.

The Evoke 1200 can be used with a wide array of lighting modifiers from a Fresnel, to softboxes, to a reflector. Multi versatile fixtures are becoming increasingly popular and we have seen companies such as ARRI, Aputure, and Godox, etc. making lights that fit this mold. Having one fixture that you can modify to perform a variety of tasks simply by adding light modifiers makes a lot of sense.

This versatility allows you to use the Evoke 1200 as a Fresnel, spotlight, or as soft source,

Even though there are quite a lot of versatile LED lights on the market, there aren’t many that have high power draws, especially ones that draw over 1000W.

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The Evoke 1200 is IP54 rated, and Nanlux claims that it out-performs almost any comparable luminaire. The company also claims that the Evoke is comparable to that of a 1.8kW PAR or 2.5kW HMI Fresnel.


Evoke 1200 7

The whole concept behind the Evoke was to make an affordable, high quality, high output LED spot light. There are lots of similar fixtures out there on the market, but a lot of them aren’t being targeted as replacements for high output HMI fixtures.

The Evoke 1200 certainly looks like it took some design cues from the ARRI Orbiter as it is a similar shape and it also features a quick-release mount system.

The quick release mounting system allows you to attach the light directly to the yoke frame. If you are using the Evoke with the optional Fresnel, you attach the Fresnel to the yoke and then the Evoke to the Fresnel.

Key features

  • Choice of models: 5600K or 3200K
  • IP54 rated
  • Fresnel, Reflector, Softbox, Lantern options
  • Powerful output, comparable to that of an 1.8kW PAR or 2.5kW HMI Fresnel (claimed)
  • Intuitive user interface with clear 2.8inch display
  • Fast set up
  • Flicker free
  • Fully dimmable from 0-100% in ultra-precise intervals of just 0.1%
  • Intelligent design
  • Selection of customizable pre-set effects
  • Wireless and DMX connectivity
  • Range of compatible accessories

Size & Weight

Evoke 1200 5

The Evoke has physical dimensions of 330 × 241 × 210mm /12.99 × 9.48 × 8.26″ (without the yoke). The light itself is fairly compact,

Make no mistake this is a heavy fixture. By the time you add up the weight of the light, yoke, power supply, power supply cable, reflector, and 5m connecting cable you are looking at a total of 21.92 kg / 48.35lb.

The power supply alone weighs in at 10.5kg / 23.14lb. In saying that, this weight is relatively low compared to say an HMI with a similar amount of output.

The Evoke 1200 has dual powering options. You can power it through mains power and Nanlux is also working on a DC battery solution so you can use it remotely in the field.


While a lot of versatile spotlights utilize a Bowens-S mount, Nanlux has followed the same path as ARRI and come up with its own proprietary mount. This means you will have to purchase lighting modifiers that have been designed specifically for this fixture.

Evoke 1200 7 1

Yes, a Bowens-S mount would have allowed for a far wider array of affordable light modifiers to be used, but given the Evoke 1200 is being aimed at a specific segment of the market, I don’t see going with a proprietary mount as being too much of an issue.

How do you control it?

Evoke 1200 8

The Evoke has on-board controls and a 2.8″ display. It can also be controlled via Bluetooth, WiFi, DMX, RDM, and a wireless Lumen radio. An optional wired remote control will also be available at some stage.

The Evoke is fully dimmable from 0-100% in intervals of 0.1% and it features a selection of onboard creative effects, including INT loop, flash, pulse, storm, TV, paparazzi, candle/fire, bad bulb, firework, explosion, and welding. User settings and custom looks can be stored in the fixture.

Light Modifiers

DSC08329 1

The modifiers that will be available are:

  • FL-35 Lens
  • SB-NLM-100-S Squre Softbox
  • SB-NLM-150-O Octagonal Softbox
  • LT-NLM-120 Lantern Softbox
  • SB-NLM-150-PR Parabolic Softbox
  • RF-NLM-26 Reflector*

*Comes standard with the Evoke 1200

The FL-35 lens is an attachment that basically turns the Evoke into a Fresnel. This is similar to what Aputure does with the LS 600d and the F10 Fresnel.


DSC08335 1

Nanlux claims that the Evoke 1200 has the following amount of output:

Screenshot 2021 05 14 at 1 55 04 PM

As you can see, the output from the Evoke 1200 when using the Fresnel in the full spot position is going to give you a ton of output.

IMG 9761

As a comparison, an ARRI M18 and HMI 1200W SE when used at 15 degrees puts out around 75,000 lx at 3m. The Maxima 7 and Maxima 7 Fresnel Lens when set at 15° has a claimed output of 53,333 lx at 3m.

If you want to compare a more affordable light, the Aputure LS 600d Pro and F10 Fresnel when set at 15° puts out 31,700 lx at a distance of 3 meters. At 11° the Nanlux Evoke is going to have almost twice the ouput of the Aputure.


Screenshot 2021 05 18 at 1 33 15 PM

Along with the Fresnel attachment and various other light modifiers, Nanlux will also sell the Evoke 1200 in kits and there will also be multi-light mounting frames available.

Price & Availability

Evoke 1200 9

The Nanlux Evoke 1200 will retail for $3380 USD. The FL-35 Fresnel lens is $890 USD.

Screenshot 2021 05 18 at 1 35 14 PM

For that price, you get the following items that are listed above.

Full Specifications

Screenshot 2021 05 18 at 1 40 41 PM


Screenshot 2021 05 13 at 11 34 08 PM
Maxima 7

There actually isn’t that much competition when it comes to 1200W LED lights in this form factor. The Maxima 7 (4.990,00€) is arguably the Nanlux’s closest competition.

Lights such as the 720W Aputure LS 600d Pro Light Storm Daylight LED which retails for $1,890.00 USD. could also be viewed as competition.

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