Gudsen MOZA Air 2S Gimbal

Gudsen has released the new MOZA Air 2S gimbal, which is an updated version of their Air 2.

Key features

  • Maximum 4.2kg payload
  • Smart Micro Handwheel
  • Up to 20-hour run time
  • Fully charged in 2 hours
  • 3-Axis Lock Design

Smart Micro Handwheel

1620731774 IMG 1532656

The Air 2S features a new smart micro handwheel that has a retractable handle.

It can be used to control different functions like pan, tilt & other camera functions when paired with a compatible camera.

MOZA Spark Power Supply System 3.0

1620731774 IMG 1532657

The new Spark Power Supply System 3.0 provides run-times of up to 20 hours, using a larger 3,200 mAh capacity power source.

Using a compatible charger, the Air 2S can be charged at 30W, completing a full charge in just 2 hours.

Accessory Mounting

1620731774 IMG 1532663

The gimbal has a large range of accessory mounting options on the handle for attaching additional handles, monitor mounts & more.

It has an ARRI rosette, M4 mounting holes, cold shoe mount, and more.

One-Step Balancing & Auto-Tuning

The camera plate uses a Manfrotto standard plate, and each axis can be locked for easier balancing.

Once you have your camera balanced, you can use the auto-tuninig function to calibrate the motors.

Mimic Motion Control

A similar function we have seen on other gimbals is the ability to control the gimbal with a smartphone, either controlling by on-screen buttons or mimicking the phone’s movement.

image 3

Pricing & Availability

The MOZA Air 2S will retail for $499 USD.

For comparison, here are a few other handheld gimbals with similar payload capacities & features:

DJI RS 2 – $849 USD
DJI RSC 2 – $499 USD
Zhiyun Crane 2S – $599 USD
Gudsen Moza Air 2 – $399 USD – down from $599 USD.

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