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Deity Microphones V-Link 3.5mm TRS to 3-pin XLR Cable

The new Deity Microphones V-Link cable is a handy little 3.5mm TRS to 3-pin XLR low profile + right angle cable/power converter that enables users to easily mix and match video mics with cinema cameras and recorders.

This is great for times when you want to run a 3.5mm connector microphone direct into the main XLR inputs on your camera. Many cinema cameras don’t have level controls for the 3.5mm input on the body so you have to dig into the menu to set them. Not good if the levels change while shooting. This little guy solves that issue.

v-link Key features

  • Low-Profile and Right Angle: Reduces the bulk build up around the XLR jack on a
  • camera.
  • Built-In Cable: Keeps the profile of your input plug that much smaller and reduces possible breaks in your signal chain.
  • Zero Noise: The 48V conversion circuit introduces zero additional noise to your audio signal.
VLink 2

The low-profile right-angle XLR jack keeps the cable runs clean and neat. The V-Link has a built-in 12” coiled 3.5mm cable means the user doesn’t have to worry about the two pieces separating like when using a traditional phantom power adapter.
The V-Link adapts 48V phantom power supplied by the camera or recorders XLR input and converts it to a 3V Plug-In Power signal, mimicking the traditional 3.5mm TRS jack that video microphones are designed to be used with.

Comparison To Other Adapter Cables

Screen Shot 2021 03 03 at 5 38 55 AM

The Deity V-Link retails for $34 and is available now.

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