kOS Motion Control Software by Kessler

Kessler has released kOS (Kaos) for CineDrive, Second Shooter & CineShooter.

kOS was originally developed for the CineDrive motion control system but is now also available for both CineDrive & Second Shooter.

Additional tutorial videos are available on the kOS Tutorials page.

kOS Premium

image 8
kOS for Second Shooter & Second Shooter for Mac OS & Windows

kOS is available in two versions, a free Lite or the paid Premium version. If you need more advanced features, you can choose to upgrade to the paid premium version.

kOS Premium runs on a subscription-based platform with the following pricing:

Monthly: $9.95 USD
Annual: $99.95 USD
Lifetime: $149.95 USD

Kessler also offers a 30-day Premium trial.

image 7

Learn more at kesslercrane.com/kos.

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