Bluestar Eye Cushion replacement for PortKeys LEYE Viewfinder

LEYE with Bluestar eye cusion 1

I recently reviewed the PortKeys LEYE EVF, and I found it a good performer for a $399 EVF. Check out the review.

One thing I wouldn’t say I liked much was the included eye cushion. It Velcros onto the rosewood diopter and has a scratchy feel to it. I did some homework and reached out to Bluestar to see if they had one that would fit. They recommended the BMD URSA Viewfinder model, so I ordered one.

LEYE with Bluestar eye cusion back
Slides over diopter with a snug fit

It fits like a glove! The Bluestar is so much more comfortable than the stock one, and at $20, it’s worth every penny. It folds over the diopter and stays in place. It’s fairly tight, and I don’t feel it will fall off accidentally. Maybe over time, it will stretch; however, these eye cushions won’t last forever and will need to be replaced once it wears. I will say they hold up very well in general. Think of it as a pair of sneakers.

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