Cinenick Mini-Mag Caddy for RED MINI-MAG®

Cinenick has released a new product called the Mini-Mag Caddy.

The Mini-Mag Caddy is designed to help organise RED MINI-MAG® which are used in their DSMC1 & DSMC2 cameras. The Mini-Mag Caddy has a read/write status identifier as well as two acrylic inserts to record the media ID rather than using tape each time.


The front ‘status’ window turns to red automatically as soon as the card is inserted into the camera and is reset to green manually using a switch on the back.

When ordering, customers are able to also include an EPS file for laser engraving a logo and owner information.

The Mag-Caddy is machined from aluminium alloy and anodized. It has contoured finger grips for easy loading and removal, even when wearing gloves.

Pricing & Availability

The Mini-Mag Caddy retails for $95 USD each.

4-packs are available at 10% discount and 8-packs at 20%.

The Mini-Mag Caddy is available to order from the Cinenick website.

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