Earth at Night in Color

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On the latest Go Creative Show podcast Alex Williamson, the executive producer of Apple TV+’s Earth at Night in Color, talks to host Ben Consoli.

Earth at Night in Color is a wildlife documentary series shot entirely in darkness. Thanks to technological advances in cameras, lenses, and post production, the show gives viewers the ability to see the earth at night in vivid, remarkable color. 

Alex and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss using special low-light camera technology and astronomy lenses, the challenges of using moonlight as your primary source of light, and maintaining sharp focus in the dark.

Topics Covered:

  • Filming Earth at Night in Color (02:19)
  • Using moonlight as your primary light (09:33)
  • Discovering new animal behaviors (15:24)
  • Using low-light cameras and astronomy lenses (26:44)
  • Using lights in the wild (39:07)
  • Benefits of using infrared light (42:13)
  • Maintaining a clear image at night (46:02)
  • Finding the right narrator (51:26)
  • How production was affected by the pandemic (54:26)

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