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Canon is working on an integrated camera gimbal with interchangeable optics

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Canon is working on an integrated camera style gimbal where you can interchange optics. The patent application for this concept was filed on the 24th of December this year.

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The Canon solution looks to be similar to something like the DJI OSMO Pro. The concept is to create a compact, handheld gimbal with an integrated camera head where you can attach different lenses. From the patent, there is no mention of it being a 2-axis or three-axis gimbal and it is quite possible that the camera module support only electronically movers the camera side to side and up and down. The stabilization may be just through the camera head and the lens.

It is unclear at this stage as to what lens mount Canon would be using and what size the image sensor is likely to be.

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There is a USM (Ultrasonic Motor) and autofocus capabilities. The user will also be able to switch between auto and manual focus.

The optical system features a gyro sensor and an acceleration sensor. The lenses electronically communicate with the camera body.

The patent lists that the sensor could either be a CCD (Charge Coupled Device) or a MOS (Complementary MOS) sensor. It will also feature a low-pass filter.

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The patent that has been filed here in Japan by Canon also talks about image zooming capabilities which elude to the concept that some form of motorized lens will be able to be used on the camera/gimbal solution.

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The Canon concept also has a built-in LCD screen where you will be able to see images and make operational changes.

The patent also talks about an accessory mount that will be included so you can attach a small video light or microphone.

There is definitely a market for a solution like this and I am surprised we haven’t seen DJI take their OSMO Pro design and move forward with it. Having a gimbal solution with a built-in camera that utilizes Canon’s great AF capabilities and has the ability to use interchangeable lenses is something I would personally be interested in.

What do you think about this Canon concept? Is it something you would be interested in? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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