Aputure Budget-Friendly Amaran 100d and 200d

Aptuture Amaran 100d 200d on black 1

Aputure showed the new Amaran 100d and 200d lights during the Holiday Party Sale last week. I cued up the portion with Ted introducing the new Amaran 100d and 200d.

The two new fixtures are budget-friendly. To be more affordable, Aputure had to make some design changes. The Light Storm models have an all-metal construction. The body of the Amaran is polycarbonate with other parts made of metal that require more strength.

The Amaran 100d is 100 watts and retails for $199, and the 200d is 200 watts and retails for $299. One nice touch is both fixtures run very quiet as the fan doesn’t kick in unless it needs to be cooled. Aputure rated the 200d at 65,000 lux and the 100d at 39,500 lux from 1-meter while using the Hyper-reflector

The lights include a Reflector but don’t come with a case, remote, or battery-powered option. They can be powered with that a 48V DC battery source, but not with a standard ENG battery.

Amaran 100d and 200d Kit Includes

  • Amaran 200d or 100d LED Light
  • AC Cable
  • Reflector
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
Simple menu and single control dial for output

The lights have eight built-in customizable effects, an umbrella mount, and a Bowens reflector mount. Since no remote is included, you can use the free Sidus Link to change the output and use the effects. Both lights are 5600K and CRI/TLCI rating of 95/96 that is rated by Aputure.

Screen Shot 2020 12 15 at 9 56 55 AM

The Amaran 100d and 200d are fully compatible with Aputure light modifiers.

Also available will be bicolor versions for both fixtures. the 100x will retail for $249 and the 200x will be $349.

I have both lights in-house and will release my full review on January 7th. I will say so far I’m impressed, but they aren’t perfect. 😀

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