Rycote Mic Boom Poles

Microphone Boom Pole Rycote Boom Pole RYC190003 front

Rycote has announced new Mic Boom Poles. The new range of professional carbon fibre microphone boom poles aims to provide a fully integrated system for sound professionals.

Rycote Arms Nov205035

The Rycote Mic Boom Poles have been designed and co-developed with tripod manufacturer Gitzo to combine cutting edge tube and locking technology with noise-free sound expertise. By also utilizing Vitec’s carbon fibre technology that can be found in the Flowtech tripods, Rycote has tried to come up with a well balanced and precise tool for boom operators.

Microphone Boom Pole Rycote Boom Pole twistlock telescopic tube

The lightweight carbon fibre boom poles feature sliding tubes, intuitive locks, and rattle-free positioning. High modulus (HM) “Carbon eXact” developed in partnership with Gitzo tripods allows for narrower tubes to be even stiffer.

Microphone Boom Pole Rycote Boom Pole bottom

Both the 3/8” threaded male tip and the rubberized bottom end cap are removable to allow for easy internal cabling or cabling adjustments.

Fast & Secure Locks

Microphone Boom Pole Rycote Boom Pole Closeup twist lock

The boom poles feature twist-locks with a multi-pitched thread that allows for quick extension and collapse with only a quarter-turn of the knurled aluminum grip to open or lock each section. The design guarantees tube sections do not twist when unlocked. Even though they feature a dust-preventative design, each section can be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning or maintenance.

Different Lengths


The Rycote 5-section carbon fibre microphone boom poles are available in three different lengths that will accommodate any application, each with a rated payload of 5kg/11.02lbs.

  • Mic Boom Small RYC90001 (list price: $329.95 USD/€329.95 /£289.95)

Collapsed length: 57cm/22.44” 

Extended length: 200cm/78.74” 

Weight: 0.48kg/ 1.03lbs

  • Mic Boom Medium RYC90002 (list price: $459.95 USD/€459.95 /£403.95)

Collapsed length: 83cm/32.67” 

Extended length: 330cm/129.92” 

Weight: 0.65kg/ 1.43lbs

  • Mic Boom Large RYC90003 (list price: $529.95 USD/€529.95 /£464.95)

Collapsed length: 100cm/39.37” 

Extended length: 420cm/165.35”

Weight: 0.78kg/ 1.72lbs

The Rycote Mic Boom Poles are available for pre-order in the UK and US, with stock available now in Europe. www.rycote.com

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