RED KOMODO 1.4.0 adds Canon RF lens support


RED has released firmware version 1.4.0 for the RED KOMODO that adds Canon RF lens support in BETA to the camera and a number of other fixes and improvements.

The firmware notes also state that the RF Lens control ring and focus range switch is currently not supported.


  • Added Canon RF lens support (BETA)
  • Added Angelbird ARRI AV Pro 256GB CFast card support
  • Added Camera type and build number to RCP2
  • Added Ethernet Zeroconf (Local-Link IP address) support
  • Fixed slow load of large R3D clip in Playback
  • Fixed out of sync clip index in Playback playlist
  • Fixed Factory Reset to delete camera presets
  • Fixed USB tethering with iOS 14
  • Fixed KOMODO Link Adapter interfering with CFast card detection
  • Fixed user calibration with genlock enabled
  • Fixed incorrect Image Stabilization UI status on boot
  • Fixed intermittent snowy SDI image
  • Fixed ‘Unapproved Battery’ error message running with DC
  • Fixed Web UI Multi Action Menu buttons (LUT, CDL, Preset)
  • Fixed AF window size on format change
  • Fixed intermittent reboot hang
  • Fixed SDI ST-352 payload for all Color Space and Gamma settings
  • AF Improvements


  • RF Lens control ring and focus range switch not currently supported
  • Warning message will occur with unapproved Media and Batteries

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