Manfrotto Pro Scrim All in One Collection

Manfrotto has announced a new Pro Scrim All in One collection. The Pro Scrim All in One collection have been designed as a portable and professional solution for bouncing, diffusing, and flagging light sources.

ThePro Scrim All in One collection comes in four different sizes: 

The entire kit that includes the frame, textile covers, grip heads, and ears, break down to fit inside an included carrying case.

Each of the fabric backdrops can be quickly clipped onto the frame and just as quickly unclipped when you want to swap out one for another. The black fabric absorbs light from the subject and can be used to create a light-to-dark ratio in flat light conditions, block window light or other illumination, or reduce reflections on shiny or mirrored surfaces. The 1.25-stop diffusion fabric both reduces the amount of light falling on the subject and is also a valuable tool when used overhead to tame bright, contrasting light sources such as the sun. The kit provides two ears – flat, notched metal plates that fasten anywhere on the tubular frame. The ears slip into the two provided grip heads, each of which has 5/8″ receivers. With the two stands, you can create an overhead or butterfly setup.

Manfrotto Pro Scrim
Image Credit: Manfrotto

Key Features

  • All kit sizes fold down to a size of 40.1 x 9.4 x 7.4 inches
  • Textile covers include black, double-sided silver/white bounce, and a 1.25 stop diffuser
  • Quick setup time
  • Lightweight aluminum frame with internal elastic cord
  • Clip-on textile covers

Price & Availability

The Manfrotto Pro Scrim All in One Collection will start shipping soon and it is now available to pre-order for the following prices:

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