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Crew in a Box is being touted as the world’s first professional-quality, plug-and-play, remote production solution. Basically, it is a self-contained fully disinfected solution that comes in a military-grade case that is sent to the home of your talent.

A lot of reporters, journalists, and on-air talent have been forced into doing live stream broadcasts from their own homes. This comes with a myriad of problems and headaches. Having to remotely set up up lights, a camera, audio, and then make sure that is all connected to a computer can be a daunting task for anyone who isn’t tech-savvy.

While lots of broadcasters have adapted to doing this, there is a real inconsistency in the look and quality of these live shots. If you are lucky enough to have an Erik Naso sitting in your house then you will be good to go, but for a lot of others, it isn’t that easy. That is where Crew in a Box steps in.

Here is what Crew in a Box consists of:

  • A 6K BMPCC
  • A 3-foot wide, 3-panel, LED light, capable of different levels of dimming and color temperature on each panel
  • Two professional microphones – a hyper-cardioid condenser and industry-standard lavalier
  • A teleprompter/Interrotron that the camera shoots through

What I also like is that the system doesn’t need to be connected to your home internet. Everything needed for transmission is built-in to the unit.

How it works

1) A fully disinfected Crew in a Box unit that comes in a rock-solid, military-grade case gets sent to the home of your talent.

2) Pre-production or a contemporaneous video chat determines the best location for talent to set it up. 

3) Talent simply lifts the lid and plugs it in. Then, using bonded cellular technology, Crew in a Box automatically connects over the Internet to Mission Control, the system’s central command unit. This is achieved without talent needing to connect it to their home WiFi network, eliminating concerns of compromised security.

4) Once connected, a highly-trained cinematographer at Mission Control remotely controls every aspect and component of the system, including the camera, light, teleprompter, and microphones. On-camera talent doesn’t need to do anything other than help position the box for the optimal frame, guided by the crew.

5) The crew, along with all agency folks and clients, communicate with talent and each other in a videoconference, viewing a beautiful high definition feed from the camera, with no latency.

6) When the shoot begins, the director appears on the integrated beamsplitter glass, which the camera is shooting through, to direct the talent. Then, depending upon the type of job, that beamsplitter can be used for various purposes, including:

  • -As a teleprompter for direct-to-camera addresses;
  • -As an Interrotron, which displays the live video of the director or other on-camera talent, for interviews;
  • -To display the live video of all participants in a roundtable discussion, so all are looking at each other as they look into camera; and
  • -To display the camera view of talent for self-vanity or hair and makeup artists.

A 2nd monitor, which can display all of the above options, can be removed from the side of the unit and placed to create an off-axis eyeline.

7) High-resolution video, up to 6K, is recorded inside the box.  We can send that footage to you right after the shoot by initiating a remote transfer, ship you a hard drive, or transcode it for upload. Clients can also choose to livestream the shoot.  

Below you can watch a series of videos that clearly explain how everything works and what the individual components do.





The whole concept of Crew in a Box is to make sure that remote productions no longer have to compromise on production values and most importantly, it is easy for your talent to use. With Crew in a Box, the on-camera talent simply opens the box and plugs it in.

It then automatically connects the system to a remote team of filmmakers who control every aspect of the shoot, including the integrated 6K BMPCC, the LED light, microphones, and teleprompter/Interrotron.

Agency and clients can join a video conference where they can view a high-resolution feed from the camera and participate as if they were on set.

Use cases

  • Direct-to-camera address for commercials, promos, etc.
  • Interviews featuring both into and off-camera eyelines
  • Roundtable discussions with talent in different locations
  • Variety and talk shows with remote guests
  • Reality TV Confessionals
  • Press Junkets
  • Talent in locations without access to great crews

Below you can see examples of Crew in a Box being used.

NBC – NFL Kickoff – Patrick Mahomes / Eric Stonestreet
OWN – Tabitha Brown Movie Wraps
MTV Video Music Awards Announcement Spot – Keke Palmer

Price & Availability

Crew in a Box systems are currently available:

  • to purchase
  • as a rental with operator and necessary production support
  • as part of a full-service production through Wavemaker Creative

There are no prices listed on the website, but please bear in mind that this system is being aimed at broadcasters, studios and corporate environments.

For more information you can email, call, or use the contact form below.


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