DoPchoice lighting accessories for Rotolight Titan X1

dop choice Titan X1

DoPchoice has released a new SBRL1T Snapbag for the recently released Rotolight Titan X1.

sbrl1t 5 800x800 1

To use the new SBRL1T Snapbag, a Rabbit-Ears Mini and SRER-TIX2 adapter is required.

sbrl1t 2 800x800 1
Rabbit ears mini

The Rabbit-Ears Mini works with several popular fixtures as well. Usually, an inexpensive adapter is required however, the frame is what sets DoPchoice apart from the others as it gives a much better fit for the softbox without any fuss.


To top it off DoPchoice also has a matching SGRL1T40 X1 Snapgrid

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