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The ARRI ERM-2400 LCS External Radio Module allows for long-distance control of lenses and cameras.

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Key features

  • Long-range wireless link for ECS devices
  • Point-to-point only connection (only one hand unit connecting to one camera device)
  •  2.4 GHz spread spectrum for long range, robust radio connection
  • Typical range approx. 1.000 meters / 3.280 feet
  • Useful for big car chase sequences where the camera is rigged on a car
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The ERM-2400 LCS has a range of approx. 1km (3280ft). It is useful for any filming situation where camera and lens control is needed over long distances such as action sequences and when filming car sequences.

The ERM-2400 LCS wirelessly extend LCS, EXT, and LBUS control between ARRI control units like the WCU-4, SXU-1, Master Grips, OCU-1, or ARRI Wheels and the controlled camera or devices.

Price & Availability

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The ERM-2400 LCS Basic Set retails for $4,588 USD and it is now shipping. It was originally announced back in April this year.

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