MY RØDE REEL 2020 Winners Announced

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The MY RØDE REEL 2020 short film competition winners have been announced, receiving a share of the $1 Million cash prize pool.

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In addition to the cash prizes, winners also received a share of gear prizes from RØDE Microphones & partners.

Watch the winning films and more below. If you missed out this year, RØDE has confirmed that My RØDE Reel will return for 2021.

Judges Choice

Winner ($200K): AMANZI OLWANDLE (Ocean Water) – Timothy Hay (South Africa)

excellent cinematography, rock-solid pace, well-acted, and a ton of heart. It conveyed its emotion and story effortlessly while showing a lot of respect for its audience. I was really floored by it.

 My RØDE Reel judge Ryan Connolly


1st Place ($75K): The Starey Bampire – Amelia Farmer (Australia)
2nd Place ($30K): The Contract – Rick Darge (USA)
3rd Place ($15K): Social Distance – Myles Conti (Australia)


1st Place ($75K): Black.Matters – Kyndra Kennedy (USA)
2nd Place ($30K): Bear Hugs – Nick McLean (New Zealand)
3rd Place ($15K): This Dream I Have – Mason Beals (USA)


1st Place ($75K): The Last Video Store – Arthur Cauty (UK)
2nd Place ($30K): Cynthia – Calvin Lam (USA)
3rd Place ($15K): Origens, A Climbing History – 100 Limite Films (Brazil)


1st Place ($75K):  The Forbidden Zone – Zach Tolchinsky (USA)
2nd Place ($30K):  What a Waste – John Remar Lavina (Phillippines)
3rd Place ($15K): Tread – Matt Landkroon (New Zealand)

People’s Choice

1st Place ($25K): Harmless (Anodin) – Mathieu Jonckheere Yokaasan (Belgium)
2nd Place ($15K): Uprooted – Andre Pilli (USA)
3rd Place ($10K): Humans of Kerala – AJ Film Ferry (India)

Best Young Filmmaker

1st Place ($25K): Unicorn Turbo Charge – Micah Martinez
2nd Place ($15K): Bricks and Guns – Joshua Parry
3rd Place ($10K): A Journey Through Wing Chun – Matthews Ma

Sound Design

1st Place ($25K): Incident – David O’Connor (South Africa)
2nd Place ($15K): The Accident – Michael Lubin (USA)
3rd Place ($10K): Foleysh – Quokka Production (Italy)

Behind The Scenes

1st Place ($25K): Flying Colours – Devon Dresback (USA)
2nd Place ($15K): Harmless (Anodin) – Mathieu Jonckheere Yokaasan (Belgium)
3rd Place ($10K): Noodle Power! – Gottfried Roodt and Lloyd Wilgen (South Africa)

Best Chinese Film


1st Place ($25K): 铃声(The Bell) – Tong Z
2nd Place ($15K):《阴职》(Baptism Mortis) ­– Wu Yulin
3rd Place ($10K): 罗德短片比赛《一个人的动物园》(The Lonely Zoo) – Peiyan Xia

You can view all the winning films on the My RØDE Reel website.

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