Filming Tiny World for Apple TV+

GCS245 Tom Hugh Jones

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, host Ben Consoli speaks to Tiny World executive producer, writer, and creator Tom Hugh-Jones about filming the word’s smallest creatures for the Apple TV+ documentary series.

Tom and Go Creative Show host, Ben Consoli, discuss the fundamentals of filming creatures in their natural habitat, the series’ crazy short filming schedule and logistics, using probe lenses, and why the dung beetle was the most challenging to film.

You can listen to the podcast above.

What you will learn:

  • How Tiny World is different from other nature docs (02:30)
  • What an executive producer does (05:57)
  • Why the shooting schedule was so quick (08:42)
  • Logistics of shooting across the world (11:45)
  • Pre-production and planning of nature docs (14:22)
  • Fundamentals of filming nature (18:12)
  • Essential coverage to tell a story (23:23)
  • Camera and lens package (30:16)
  • Using probe lenses and mirror prisms (32:34)
  • How to avoid scaring animals while filming (35:39)
  • Why dung beetles were most challenging to film (38:06)
  • New challenges in season 2 of Tiny World (40:23)
  • Carefully-chosen lighting equipment (47:23)
  • The fun job of recording sound for nature docs (51:24)
  • Why Avid was the best choice for post production (56:46)
  • How Tom got into wildlife photography (01:00:29)
  • Tips for aspiring nature photographers (01:06:57)

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