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Hive Super Hornet 575-C Now Shipping

Hive has announced that the Super Hornet 575-C is now shipping. We first saw the light at Cinegear 2019.

The Super Hornet 575-C is an ultra-bright, tunable, and directional LED fixture. The 575-C is a point source Omni-Color LED designed to be modular with immediately available proprietary and 3rd party lightbanks, softboxes, and optics.

Hive’s high output 500W LED fixture can have a Flood Reflector or a Fresnel Lens, a PAR Spot Reflector, or Parabolic Umbrella, a “Leko” Profile Lens, a Lantern Softbox, and hundreds of other different modifiers.

It uses Hive’s 7 Spectrum LED light engine to produce a wide color gamut for accurate, full-spectrum high color rendition across the color temperature range. Hive’s tunable LED can imitate daylight, tungsten, fluorescent, neon, and almost infinite other sources.

1603901802 IMG 1437503

The light can be controlled through the dials on the fixture, wireless remotes, DMX and Wireless DMX compatibility (via Lumenradio), and the free apps for iOS and Android.

HIVE LIGHTING Super Hornet 575-C PAR Spot Omni-Color LED Light

The Super Hornet 575-C Par Spot features Hive’s Super Spot reflector for a 25° degree beam, that produces a similar beam like a traditional HMI Par. With the Super Spot Reflector, Hive claims the Super Hornet produces 706FC/7600 lux at 3M (10Ft).

The Super Hornet 575-C is available to order now for $6,399 USD.

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