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Send Quick Webcam & Screen Recordings with Vimeo Record


Vimeo Record is a free Chrome extension that has just been released that lets you quickly and easily screen record in conjunction with the feed from a webcam overlayed.

This is particularly useful for providing feedback or doing quick tutorials where it is easier to talk through a recording than a long email.

Of course, you will need a Vimeo account to have somewhere to save your recordings but the extension is free to download and use.

Recording Options

There are a number of recording options that you can choose from when using Vimeo Record.

Choose a tab, application or screen to record, with the option to also overlay a video feed from your webcam & microphone.

Vimeo Record gives you unlimited recordings for free so your team can keep creating and collaborating.

The recordings can then be shared privately or publicly using the Vimeo tools like any other Vimeo uploaded file.

Vimeo Record is available from the chrome web store for free.

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