Zacuto Panasonic S5 Cage

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Zacuto has a new cage for the Panasonic LUMIX S5. Zacuto is touting it as being a “no-cage” cage that is lightweight and compact, and compatible with Zacuto’s Arca Swiss ‘ACT Recoil‘.

Key features

  • Ultra Slim & Lightweight
  • Cage with side handle .9 lbs, Cage without side handle .6 lbs
  • Includes a Zacuto camera hand strap for stability and comfort while using the camera’s grip
  • Access to camera’s battery, hotshoe, and full button control
  • Attaches to camera’s neck strap eyelets for secure connection
  • Top Z-Rail for top handle or accessories
  • ACT compatible (Arca Swiss compatible) 
  • HDMI Cable strain relief with ight angle adapter 
  • Optional Tactical Handle– top or side handle. 
  • Optional Zarn
  • Replacement 1/4-20 Screw 

The cage screws into the bottom of the camera with an included ¼ 20″ screw. It also attaches to the sides of the camera, using the Panasonic eyelets neck strap connection with provided screws. This gives you 3 connection points between the camera and the cage. 

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The Panasonic S5 Cage comes with a Zacuto camera hand strap that makes it easier to grip the camera. The cage ends at the eyelet neck strap connection so you can still use the camera’s built-in handgrip.

The top of the cage features a lot of ¼ 20″ receptors for mounting accessories. It also has a built-in Z-Rail for mounting an optional top handle or other accessories. The bottom of the cage has 2x ¼ 20″ threads and a 3/8″ thread for attaching to a tripod plate. A built-in Arca Swiss compatible plate allows it to mount to any Arca Swiss compatible quick release mounting base or Zacuto’s own ACT Mounting Plate.

If you need to add 15mm rods onto your cage, you can slide the cage into the ACT Baseplate and from there you can also build a shoulder rig.

Optional Hand Grips

You can buy a Tactical Handle- Top or Side Handle ($250 USD) to use with the cageWith the turn of one ratcheting lever, this handle can be a top handle, left-hand grip, or right-hand grip. Along the top is a Z-Rail (NATO rail) that gives you multiple ¼ 20″ screw holes for mounting accessories like an Atomos Recorder or small monitor with the Zacuto Universal Monitor Mount. It also has a cold-shoe mount and 15mm rod port for mounting additional accessories such as a Axis Mini or Axis MicroEVF Mounts.

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The Zarn ($95 USD), inspired by filmmaker Clinton Harn, is a railed mounted wood ball-shaped handgrip. It slides onto any Z-Rail, or any compatible rail*.  It was designed to be mounted on the side of our mirrorless cages but can mount on any cage with rails. The ball shape grip allows for smooth camera movement in the palm of your hand and is best utilized with a “ball and socket” technique.

*Compatible rails are – NATO, SWAT, RED, PICATINNY, and WOODEN CAMERA rails.

Price & Availability

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The Zacuto Panasonic S5 cage will start shipping in mid-November. It retails for $225 USD. Please note this price is only for the basic cage. The top handle and any optional side handles are extra.

The Zacuto cages are always very well made but they are a little on the pricey side, especially once you start adding accessories. In saying that, from past experience, you do end up getting a very well made and solid product that fits your camera really well and doesn’t produce any wobble.

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