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ARRI EF Mount (LBUS) for large-format and Super 35 cameras

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ARRI has officially announced its EF Mount (LBUS) which allows users of the ALEXA Mini, Amira, and ALEXA Mini LF to take advantage of Canon EF mount lenses.


  • Use EF mount lenses with ALEXA Mini LF, ALEXA Mini, and AMIRA
  • Wider light baffle covers large-format and Super 35 sensors
  • Extra LBUS connector frees up EXT connector on Mini LF and Mini
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ARRI has redesigned its EF mount with a wider light baffle and LBUS connector, allowing it to cover the large-format sensor of the ALEXA Mini LF, as well as the Super 35 sensors of the ALEXA Mini and AMIRA. 

Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 20 27 25

On the Mini LF and Mini, it also provides an LBUS connector, which is not supported on the AMIRA. The previous ARRI Lens Mount will remain available for the AMIRA.

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The use of EF mount lenses on digital cinema cameras has been a popular choice for budget-conscious productions. Their mechanical design allows the use of external lens motors connected to the mount’s LBUS connector if you are running cine-style EF mount lenses.

Screen Shot 2020 10 19 at 20 30 24

You can also remotely control Canon EF mount lenses via ARRI ECS hand units like the wireless WCU-4 and SXU-1 or opt for wired control using the OCU-1 and/or Master Grips.

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The new mount allows users to set the lenses internal iris motor and power the image stabilization built into some telephoto EF mount lenses.

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Price & Availability

Availability is planned for November 2020. The retail price is $1,755 USD.

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