Canon releases footage from Cinema EOS 8K Camera

In 2015, Canon announced that they were working on an 8K camera. Since then, we have seen glimpses of various prototypes.

Canon announced they were working on an 8K camera back in 2015.

Back in 2015, this may have been exciting, but in 2020 there are already multiple cameras on the market that can capture 8K content.

In the past few days, Canon has published a series of videos that were shot using their 8K camera.

Shot using Canon 8K equipment

The three videos are available to view in 8K.

[8K]World Cultural Heritage Site Villages on Hisaka Island (CanonOfficial)
[8K]World Cultural Heritage Site Villages on Naru Island (CanonOfficial)

When will it be released?

While there isn’t much information available on the camera and equipment used, we anticipate that it will be announced next year.

The Tokyo Olympics was set to be broadcast in 8K and has been postponed to 2021.

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