FilmConvert Z CAM E2-S6 Camera Pack

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FilmConvert has released a new camera pack for the Z CAM E2-S6. Although a relative newcomer to the camera market, Z CAM has proven to be popular with shooters.

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The ZCam E2-S6 Super35mm digital cinema camera features 12-bit ProRes RAW recording over HDMI, 6K 60fps and 4K 100fps recording options, and a claimed 14 stops of dynamic range.

FilmConvert has also included a Z-Log2 RAW profile in the camera pack, along with one for Z-Log2. This has been added for users who shoot RAW and export footage through the ZRAW Video Suite application, as it differs slightly from the Z-Log2 internal recording. For all other cases, FilmConvert recommends that you use the Z-Log2 profile.

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