TLS Vega Lenses Pricing Announced

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TLS has announced the pricing of its Vega full frame prime lenses. They are a series of fast, realtively lightweight primes that will cover large sensor sizes.

We first saw prototypes of the lenses back at NAB 2019.

TLS is primarily known for its work rehousing lenses but they have made quite a few lenses in the past including the Morpheus 80-200/T2.8 and Aurora 24-70/T2.8.

Vega lenses were developed in response to the market’s growing demand for lenses capable of covering large sensor full frame digital cameras

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The Vega series is currently availble in 8 focal length: 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 58mm, 85mm, 105mm, and 135mm. A 200mm and a 28mm will also eventually be available.

The Vega lenses are sharp and from my limited experience trying them out, they have have a really smooth fall off and really nice bokeh. This is in part due to the 16 blade circular iris.

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These lenses are designed with floating elements so TLS have used their dual cam system to allow the optimum optical performance while still allowing some character. The housing is the same process as their renowned rehousing process. Therefore, there is 300 degrees focus rotation and solid stainless steel stops on both focus and iris movement. These lenses have accurate and repeatable dual focus scales, available in both imperial and metric.

The PL mount is shimmable and the focus and iris gears are in the same position in relation to the PL mount throughout the range. This makes changing focal lengths on set a much smoother process.  

Vega Specification

Min. Object Distance typ.8″10″TBD12″15″TBC2’9″3’33’6
Front Diameter (mm)110mm110mmTBD110mm110m110mm110mm110mm110mm
Total Length *(mm)90mm90mmTBD90mm80mmTBC90mm100mm117mm
Total Length *(inches)3 1/2″3 1/2″TBD3 1/2″3 1/8″TBC3 1/2″4″4 5/8″
Weight **(g)1360g1410gTBD1570g1060gTBC1440g1800g1710g
Weight **(lbs)3lbs3lbs 1ozTBD3lbs 5oz2lbs 4ozTBC3lbs 2oz4lbs3lbs 8oz


20mm T2£5,750
24mm T1.5£6,750
35mm T1.5£6,950
50mm T1.5£6,250
58mm T1.5£6,750
85mm T1.5£6,750
105mm T1.5£6,950
135mm T2 £6,750

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