EditorsKeys LumaFusion Keyboard Cover for iPad Magic Case

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EditorsKeys has a new series of LumaFusion Keyboard Covers for the iPad Magic Case.

LumaFusion has become a very popular way of editing footage on an iPhone and iPad. EditorsKeys has teamed up with LumaTouch to create a series of LumaFusion shortcut keyboard covers.

The keyboard cover can be added or removed at any time. It just sits on top of the existing Magic Keyboards. It can be washed and according to EditorsKeys, it won’t negatively affect your typing.


  • All of the keyboard shortcuts for Lumafusion
  • Designed with the LumaTouch Team, for the ultimate cover
  • Edit faster and turn your iPad into a full mobile editing suite
  • The cover protects your iPad against dirt, dust, and spills
    Fully washable cover
  • Fits iPad Magic Keyboard Cases 

Please note that these covers will will not fit 3rd party keyboards or Smart Keyboard cases.

This cover works in the exact same way as other Editors Keys shortcut keyboard covers. With an iPad and a Magic Case, instead of tapping the iPad screen with your fingers, you can speed up editing by using keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard covers are a nice way of giving you a visual reference of key shortcuts. The downside of keyboard covers is you can’t customize anything.

Price & Availability

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The EditorsKeys LumaFusion Keyboard Cover for iPad Magic Cases is available for the following Magic Keyboard sizes:

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They retail for $37 USD. Deliveries are expected to start on the 15th of October.

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