Teradek Prism: 4K HDR Codecs

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Teradek Prism is a new 4K HDR rackmount HEVC codec system. Prism was designed to make it more affordable to upgrade your IP video workflow to industry-leading, low-latency 4K HDR video.

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For a television studio, streaming from a live production, or transmitting video to a satellite campus, Prism provides you with 10-bit, 4:2:2, 4K HDR encoding and decoding in a high-density format.

Video requirements in television studios tend to change on a daily basis. You may have to go from covering live events to receiving point-to-point video. This is where you need flexibility. Teradek has allowed enough room for up to nine blades in a 2RU chassis or three blades in a 1RU chassis. This allows you to customize Prism with any combination of encoder and decoder cards necessary to accommodate your environment and workflow.

Teradek is a member of the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) Alliance, and as such, Prism ensures you can deliver high-quality, low-latency streaming video—even during periods of severe network congestion—using the SRT protocol. Prism also supports several additional protocols, including RTMP(S) and MPEG-TS.

Prism includes redundant power supplies (2RU only) and dual gigabit ethernet ports for increased network flexibility in dynamic production environments. You can configure your device locally from your mobile phone, desktop, or remotely from your web browser through Core, Teradek’s cloud-based management platform.

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Above you can see how much the various Prism components cost. For more information click here.

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