Canon USA Attacked by Ransomware Hackers

Canon Attacked by Ransomware

Canon appears to have been Ransomware attacked this week. The breach looks to be very large at 10TB of sensitive information and files. The Canon USA website has been down for several days with the message “Our heads aren’t in the clouds. We’re just busy improving our corporate site”

Canon’s email, Microsoft Teams, USA website, and other internal applications have all been affected. Canon probably shut all these down due to the breach to figure out how to deal with the situation going forward.

BleepingComputer has obtained the ransom note that appears to be from Maze Ransomware.

partial note
Used With Permission from BleepingComputer

“We hacked your network and now all your files, documents, photos, databases and other important data are safely encrypted with reliable algorithms,” the Maze ransom note said. “You cannot access the files right now. But do not worry. You can get it back! It is easy to recover in a few steps. We have also downloaded a lot of private data from your network, so in case of not contacting us as soon as possible this data will be released. If you do not contact us in three days we will post information about your breach on our public news website and after seven days the whole download info.”

Maze Ransomware

Ransomware is when a hacker breaches a company or individuals server and steals information then holds it hostage for a fee, or they release it to the public. The fee is generally in the millions. This is a major violation of proprietary information as well as personal. From what I can tell the hackers taking credit is Maze Ransomware.

internal notice
Used With Permission from BleepingComputer

The screen capture above is from Canon USA Crisis Management stating the ransomware has happened and they are addressing the issue with cybersecurity experts. How long this issue will last is not known.

I’ve reached out to Canon USA for a statement regarding the issues and the response was fairly thin.

We are currently investigating the situation. Thank you.

Canon U.S.A. Public Relations

The hack doesn’t seem to affect other division so I’m assuming it is a Canon USA issue as Canon Europe’s website is up and working. When more information is available I’ll update this post.

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