bebob V200 A200 Micro batteries

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bebob has introduced its new V200micro and A200micro battery packs. The batteries are available in V-Mount (V200micro) and Gold Mount compatible (A200micro) versions.

Previously these batteries were only available in capacities of 43Wh, 98Wh, and 147Wh.

The batteries feature 196 Wh and 14.4 V (1.,0 A maximum discharge current).

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The bebob V200micro and A200micro Lithium-ion packs measure 75 x 101 x 81mm, which is about two-thirds of the size of traditional 200 Wh batteries. They weigh in at 950g (33.5oz).

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The batteries feature an integrated LED flashlight that can be activated at the touch of a button to light up dark settings. The rainproof “Twist D-Tap” output allows you to plug a D-Tap connector into the battery with free choice of cable trailing from the left or right. To power accessories, atop each Vmicro and Amicro is a USB port (5.0 V; max. 1.0 A) with a sliding cover to keep the elements out.

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On the side of each battery there is a five-step, colored LED power remaining indicator (100% – 80% – 60% – 40% – 20%) that monitors battery life. They also conveniently support through-the-finder power data protocol from ARRI, RED, and Sony cameras. Below the power gauge is a push-button to wake-up the battery, check the power status, or to activate the built-in LED flashlight.

The batteries are engineered and handcrafted in Germany. All bebob batteries feature rugged composite housings.

Another unique bebob feature: The cells of all bebob batteries can be exchanged and re-celled, once their capacity becomes insufficient after years of use.

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For charging, bebob has their our own range of micro chargers, including 1-, 2-, 4- and 8-channel simultaneous Chargers, as well as numerous Battery Plates, Power Bars, and Adapters. Optional Hot-Swap Adapters provide uninterrupted power through battery changes.

The bebob V200 and A200 Micro batteries retail for €445.00.

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