Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160RGBW II

Intellytech has upgraded it’s popular LiteCloth LC-160RGBW 2×2 flexible panel light and now you can buy the sequal which is, you guessed it, the LC-160RGBW II.

The new LC-160RGBW II adds Hue, Saturation, and Intensity controls (HSI) making the foldable 2×2 so much easier to control. Additionally, it’s 15% brighter than the first generation. On top of that, Intellytech has lowered the price to $1,099 USD.

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The LC-160RGBW II is a 160 Watt, 22″x22″ LED Mat (2’x2′ W/ included softbox) that folds down to a 12″x12″ square. This unique design allows the user to create bright and natural-looking light that with a system that is easy to travel with and fast to set up.

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The LC-160 is Kelvin color temperature adjustable from 3,000K-10,000K with a claimed color rendition of 95+ (CRI/TLCI 9).

Select your color or brightness level (0-100%) via the touch screen or knob.

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The LC-160RGBW II is sold as a complete kit and it includes a softbox, diffuser, grid, mounting bracket, controller w/ attached battery plate (v-mount or gold mount), AC, and carrying case. The entire kit fits into the hard carrying case measuring in at 18″x16″x4.5″.

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The light draws 160W and because of its physical size it can create a very broad lighting source. The light is claimed to put out around 3350lx at 3 feet. One of the nice things about the Intellytech lights is that you get close to 100% output from 3,500K-9,500K.

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You can power the light via AC or battery. You can choose either a V-Mount or Gold Mount battery plate.

The LC-160RGBW II has a firm backing behind the Mat, but you can fold it down at its collapsible cross-sections. This unique form factor allows for the light to be set up quickly without the need for a giant metal frame or x-bracket. In addition, users can now travel with a 2’x2′ Light Kit that takes up less space than a conventional 1’x1′ panel.

The included Mount securely to the rear of the Mat via a special high-strength Velcro. Like the Mat, the Mount also folds down allowing it to pack into the carrying case.

An optional Wireless Controller (LC-WR3 II) can control up to 100 LC-160’s individually or simultaneously for $99 USD.

The LC-160 can be controlled via DMX (512) for those looking to setup inside of a studio. The user can control both brightness and output either via a 512 DMX controller or via the optional Wireless Controller.

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