bebob Twin Vmicro Adapter for Sony FX9

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bebob has announced a new Twin Vmicro Adapter for the Sony FX9. This adapter allows you to put two Vmicro bebob batteries onto the battery plate and it also gives you the ability to hot-swap batteries.

Key features

  • Mounts onto the back of the SONX PXW-FX9
  • Multi Voltage 5,0V, 14,4V unreg, 19,5V
  • 5 Outputs (1x USB, 1 Lemo 2p, 2 Twist Dtap, 1 Cinch)
  • 1 XLR4 Input with Hotswap function
  • Main On-Off Switch with led for all accessories Output
  • 5 led dimmable/Switchable Fuel Gauge

Hot Swappable

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You can hot-swap batteries if you are running two Vmicro batteries on the adapter without any power interruption.

The nice thing about the adapter is that you can keep a standard Sony BPU-35 battery on the camera and then swap the Vmicro batteries without any power interruption.

You can also plug an external 10-17V Power Source into the XLR4 IN and also swap the Vmount battery without interruption.

Power Outputs

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The COCO-FX9-VMIC utilizes the unique bebob Twist-D-Tap. This rainproof socket allows you to plug a D-Tap connector into the battery with free choice of cable trailing from the left or right. There are two of these outlets on the adapter

There is also a 5.0V 1A USB port, a 14.4V 2A unregulated 2pin Lemo and a four pin 10-17V XLR in.


Screenshot 2020 07 20 at 6 04 48 PM

The bebob COCO-FX9-VMIC retails for €595.00.

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