Assimilate Scratch adds ISO-Gain, WB and Tint controls for ProRes RAW

Assimilate Scratch has become the first program to add ISO-Gain, White Balance, and Tint controls for ProRes RAW.

A lot of people have been complaining that ProRes RAW doesn’t give you traditional RAW controls to adjust ISO, Kelvin color temperature and tint. This alone has put some people off using ProRes RAW. Well, Assimilate has been able to add and implement these features into Scratch.

Any changes you make to ISO, White Balance, or Tint are applied at the debayering stage.

What is nice is because it is a RAW file, you can take footage from any camera where you have recorded ProRes RAW and then change the color space and gamma that you want to debayer to.

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If you were shooting with an ARRI as your main camera and then, for instance, you wanted to add ProRes RAW material shot on a Panasonic S1H you can simply debayer that ProRes RAW footage into Alexa Wide Gamut and ARRI Log C. This way, you can easily integrate the footage with your ARRI material and also use ARRI LUTS.

Given that Assimilate has been able to add these controls for ProRes RAW into Scratch, there is no reason this couldn’t be done for other NLEs such as FCPX.

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