The Cinematography of Greyhound

GCS229 Shelly Johnson ASC

On the latest Go Creative Show podcast, the DOP of thew new Tom Hanks movie Greyhound, Shelly Johnson ASC, talks to host Ben Concoli.

Shelly and Ben discuss working with legendary actor Tom Hanks, recreating a WWII battle at sea, Shelly’s focus on-camera performance, using a white screen instead of a green screen, the challenges of naturally lighting the interior of a dark battleship, and much more.

You can listen to the full episode above:

Topics Covered

  • Filming for theatrical vs streaming (03:22)
  • Visual approach to Greyhound (07:00)
  • Why it took Tom Hanks 10 years for financing (13:25)
  • Shelly’s focus on camera performance (18:05)
  • Recreating a battleship as a set (29:06)
  • How Shelly didn’t test his lenses until day one of filming (35:27)
  • Lighting the dark battleship interior (41:17)
  • Using a white screen instead of green screen (45:55)
  • Filming and lighting the night scenes (53:02)
  • Challenges of filming with water (58:56)
  • Working with Tom Hanks (01:03:43)
  • Shelly’s favorite sequence in Jurassic Park 3 (01:09:16)

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