Canon R5 Footage

If you are after a bit more footage to look at from the upcoming Canon EOS R5, you can watch material shot by Australian film director Andrew Kaineder.

While the footage doesn’t show too much, it may give you some small indication as to some of the camera’s characteristics. Andrew shot climbers Chris Zinon and Tom Wolmesly at Cornerstone Rib on Crater Bluff. which is in Warrumbungle National Park. NSW.

Above you can also watch Andrew’s first impressions of the camera. While quite a bit of the information is factually incorrect it does allow you to see some vision out of the camera.

Andrew shot both in 8K RAW and 8K HEVC, and you can see them compared side by side in this video.

Andrew stated that ‘Coming from using cinema camera’s, I do miss all the features of a true video camera. However, for a hybrid mirrorless camera, I really couldn’t fault it in any way. It’s definitely a big leap for camera technology.’

Even though Andrews stated in the video that there weren’t any recording limits, he clarifies that there are in fact record limits and they are widely available to view. He was originally told there wasn’t and didn’t get a chance to fully test recording for long periods of time.


As far as overheating is concerned, Andrew states that ‘It was winter in Australia and very cold and remote where we were. I personally didn’t have any overheating issues, but understand this is something that could potentially happen in a hotter environment and with more intensive longer recording times.’

What do you think of the footage? Let us know in the comments section below. AS always this is just one person’s view of a pre-production version of a camera. I encourage everyone to watch and read as much material as possible to get more comprehensive opinion of the R5.

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