Atomos & Z CAM enable 12-bit 5.8K Apple ProRes Raw over HDMI

NINJA E2 S6 02

Atomos and Z CAM have today enabled 12-bit 5.8K Apple ProRes RAW over HDMI recording on the Ninja V HDR monitor-recorder in combination with the Flagship series Z CAM E2-F6, E2-F8 and E2-S6 large sensor cinema cameras.

For the smaller sensor Micro 4/3 E2, E2-M4 and E2 C cameras, you can record up to 4K ProRes RAW.

Camera Control


This has been previously teased, but the new update also allows for camera control via the Ninja V.

The Ninja V connects via USB-C and allows two-way communication for a range of controls such as record start/stop, iris, shutter speed, ISO and eND. The Control feature works whether recording internally in the camera, or externally to the Ninja V. The camera constantly updates the Ninja V with the value of each setting, which is in turn displayed clearly on the monitor.

Atomos lanc cable
Atomos USB Type-A to Serial LANC Calibration Cable (6.5′)

To use the feature will require an appropriate interface cable – either the existing Atomos USB Type-A to Serial LANC cable ($100) with a USB-A to USB-C type adapter, or a new dedicated Atomos USB Type-C to Serial LANC Calibration Cable ($65) that will be available in Summer 2020 as an optional accessory.

Frame Rates & Resolution


The Ninja V can record 5.8K ProRes RAW at up to 29.97p and up to 4K (UHD) up to 59.94p from all three Flagship models: the E2-S6, E2-F6 and E2-F8. The E2 and new E2-M4 will output RAW at up to DCI 4Kp59.94 for recording in ProRes RAW. The E2C can output RAW at DCI 4K 29.97p to the Ninja V. The frame rates available for RAW over HDMI recording vary depending on the camera model.

Z CAM and Atomos have a shared vision to create industry-leading technologies at affordable prices. Our collaboration on RAW recording and camera controls for the E2 series and Ninja V demonstrates that by working together we are able to offer a tightly integrated camera system that really delivers for our users.

This is also the first time we have implemented camera control from our products and I’m delighted that is with Z CAM. The combination of Z CAM’s advanced small form-factor camera bodies and Atomos Controls, plus RAW recording and HDR monitoring is hard to beat

Atomos CEO Jeromy Young

We are glad to extend Apple ProRes RAW support to cover the Z CAM E2 series with the help of Atomos. The new combinations open up a lot of opportunities while meeting high-end production requirements. How good is ProRes RAW recording on Z CAM with Atomos? Seeing is believing!

Kinson Loo, CEO of Z CAM

These options are available immediately in a free AtomOS 10.5 update and firmware update 0.96 from Z CAM.


The cameras range in price depending on the sensor used. The following is in USD.

Z CAM E2-F8 – $5,995
Z CAM E2-F6 $3,995
Z CAM E2-S6 – $2,499
Z CAM E2C – $799
Z CAM E2 – $1,999.99
Z CAM E2-M4 – $1,499

Atomos Ninja V – $599

Sample Films

UN/SEEN, shot by filmmaker/director James Tonkin is available to view in either SDR or HDR.

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