Ignite Digi Keystone for RED KOMODO™

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Ignite Digi has released the Keystone for the RED KOMODO ™ for use in the Freefly Systems Movi Pro, DJI Ronin 2 & quick mode.

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The Keystone is CNC milled from a single block of 6061-T6 Aluminium and attaches with 6 bolts for rigidity and an array of mounting points.

Why is it so big?

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You may be wondering why the cage is so large when the RED KOMODO™ is so small and could seem counterintuitive.

The cage is set to the same height as the Alexa Mini for maximum compatibility for their existing line of accessories and support for large cinema lenses. The holes also help for clean cable runs.

Rigging it up

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The symmetrical layout of the Keystone means it is an easy process to switch from landscape to portrait modes.

Access to the touch screen, card slot & audio interface is all maintained.

  • ARRI spaced M4 holes on all sides for attachment of Ignite Digi or ARRI camera plates, or other accessories
  • 2 x ARRI style Rosettes (M6) for handles in landscape mode
  • 3/8″ 16 holes with ARRI pin locs on all sides
  • 1/4″ 20 holes on all sides
  • Flash shoe mounts on 45° sides for microphones/receivers

Ignite Digi’s wide-spaced 80mm rod mounts can be added for mounting motors & other accessories.

Compatability with Third-Party Adaptors

Ignite Digi has published the follow compatibility with third-party adaptors:

Canon EF-RF ND mount – Yes, but you will need to remove the mount from camera to change the filter between clear and VariND.

Kippertie REVOLVA RF – Yes, but to change filter cartridge out, you will need to remove the camera and REVOLVA RF due to space constraints.
We recommend the use of the version that includes a single filter wheel of CLEAR, 0.6, 1.2, 2.1 ND. Treat it like an ARRI Alexa Mini LF!
(lens foot support will be a small additional component to be released soon)

Kippertie ADAPTA – Yes (lens foot support will be a small additional component to be released soon)

Metabones PL to RF – Yes (awaiting design files to make support foot adapter)

Pricing & Availability

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Pre-order for the Ignite Digi Keystone for RED KOMODO™ is available for $890 AUD, with a choice of orange or black hard anodised finishes.

The first batch will ship out from their headquarters in Tasmania, Australia in the week of 20th July.

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