Kippertie announces Revolva RF/PL & Adapta


Kippertie has announced the new Revolva RF/PL mount designed for the upcoming RED KOMODO.

This is a variation of their original Revolva which houses a quick change cartridge system holding four NDs that can be quickly changed by rotating the cartridge.

Even though was designed for the KOMODO, it will work on any camera with an EOS RF mount.

PL S fsnd cart

The cartridges use Full Spectrum neutral density filters for minimal colour shifts.

image 8

Adapta RF/PL

The Adapta RF/PL is similar to the Revolva RF/PL but it does not have the cartridge system.

The PL mount is shimmable for accurate backfocus.

Chinstrap Komodo Mount

The support foot has a 1/4-20 & 3/8-16 thread for secure mounting but for additional rigidity, Kippertie has also produced the Chinstrap mount which secures the mount to the sides of the camera and is compatible with both the Revolva RF/PL & Adapta RF/PL.

rfpl chinstrap crop

The Revolva RF/PL is available to preorder and starts from £900 without any cartridges. It is estimated to start shipping in three weeks.

It includes:

Revolva RF/PL mount
Removable support foot
Port cap and rear cap
Fitment test tool
Foam filled shipping box

There are three cartridges available which retail for £400

image 9

If you already have a Revolva for your DSMC2 camera, you can use the same cartridges.

The Adapta RF/PL retails for £550 with the removable support foot.

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