RØDE Microphones has released a new firmware for the RØDECaster Pro. Version 2.1 is a major update that unlocks complete granular control over all processing parameters, more flexible podcast recording and export options, expanded multitrack capabilities, and an update to the RØDECaster Pro’s interface and Companion App.

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Since releasing the RØDECaster Pro, RØDE has already implemented many new features through multiple firmware updates. These include multitrack recording, new professional functionality, and powerful audio enhancements. Version 2.1 adds even more new features.

A beta version of firmware 2.1 was released in early April, which allowed users to try the new features and provide feedback and make suggestions. Many of these made their way onto the final version of the firmware.

What are the new features in 2.1?

Granular control over processing parameters: Users can now tweak all parameters of the RØDECaster Pro’s compressor, noise gate, de-esser, APHEX Aural Exciter™ and Big Bottom™, and high-pass filter. For users who prefer the simplicity of the RØDECaster Pro’s original processing controls, the advanced editor can be turned off.

Master bus compressor: As well as the individual channel compressors, the RØDECaster Pro now features a compressor on the master output.

Broadcast-style level metering: Users now have the option to add precise dBFS markers to the level meters on the home and record screen for greater control over recording levels.

Sound pad overdubbing: Audio that has been loaded onto the sound pads can now be overdubbed infinitely, allowing users to create layered sounds, record VOs over music, create custom ad rolls, and more.

Post-fader multitrack recording: When recording in multitrack mode, users now have the option to record post-fader, meaning all processing, effects, and level settings will be recorded in the RØDECaster Pro’s output.

Improved podcast export processing: When transferring podcasts to a computer, users now have the option to format their files for all major podcast platforms. WAV file exporting has also been improved.

Updated Companion App: Users can also tweak all processing parameters in real-time from within the Companion App; the Firmware Updater also now lives within the Companion App.

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You can download the new firmware here: www.rode.com/rodecasterapp.

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