Blackmagic Camera Control 1.03 Update

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Blackmagic has released a Camera Control 1.03 Update. Blackmagic Camera Control is an iOS app that allows you to control any Blackmagic Design camera that features Bluetooth control capability, right from your iPad.

It lets you control your camera from up to 30 feet away, so you can remotely change camera settings, control the lens, adjust metadata, and trigger recording. On URSA Mini Pro cameras you can also remotely power the camera on or off.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t let you view images coming from a Blackmagic camera, it is purely just for camera control.

Blackmagic Camera Control requires a Bluetooth enabled camera such as the:

  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
  • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro
  • Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro G2
  • Blackmagic URSA Broadcast.

So what is new in Camera Control 1.03?

The Camera Control 1.03 update mainly improves stability and fixes a number of nagging issues that users were experiencing. Quite a few users were complaining that the iris would default straight to the lowest aperture setting when using the app.

  • Improved support for Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K
  • Improved support for URSA Mini Pro, G2, SSD Recorder and URSA Broadcast
  • Fixed iris control bug with active lenses
  • Fixed ‘power off’ button not functioning with some models
  • Fixed record stop and start bugs for SSDs
  • General performance improvements

Unfortunately, there still isn’t a version for the iPhone.

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