LiveU LU800 multi-camera production field unit

The LiveU LU800 multi-camera production field unit. The LU800 is being touted by LiveU as the first all-in-one production-level filed unit for live news and sports coverage.

The LU800 harnesses the fast speeds of 5G to provide high-quality streaming. Not only can it stream up to 4K 60p 10-bit, but it can also accept up to four fully synched streams at once. This allows you to use the LU800 on location in multi-cam environments. With four synched streams a studio can switch between various camera sources that can all be connected to just one device. 16 channels of audio are also supported.

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It weighs in at 2.1kg (76 oz) with the battery. It also has a large 7″ touchscreen on the front for making changes and monitoring the inputs.

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You can use up 8x 5G modems in the LiveU LU800. Other connection options include Wi-fi and Ethernet support. The LU800 is built on LiveU’s patented HEVC bonding technology, and the unit can reach speeds of up to 70Mbps using HEVC live video encoding.

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There is built-in video return from the studio as well as IFB and tally lights. An HDMI output lets you connect an external display so the talent can see the return video coming from the studio. Not only are these systems used for live broadcast but field crews also use them to send back cut stories, and footage while on location.

For powering the LU800 has a built-in battery that can last for up to four hours, as well as the ability to be used with an external battery.

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There are two versions of the LU800 available. Above you can see the differences between the two.

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Systems such as LiveU, AviWest, Quicklink, and Strembox have been crucial for TV broadcasters in bringing you remote live coverage of breaking news stories. If you have been watching TV over the last few days you would have seen countless live reports from the streets of America. With more and more demand for high-quality live content, it is no surprise that companies such as LiveU are bringing out new products.

LiveU isn’t really a product that is targeted at individuals, it is more for broadcasters. In saying that if you were a contracted freelance and the network you work for is using LiveU, this would make a very useful addition to your kit. The price of the Lu800 was not made available at the time of this article.

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