ARRI Signature Prime Software Update 2.1

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ARRI has just released the Signature Prime Software Update Package 2.1 which adds features such as Cooke/i support, new LDS-2 features for VFX , and an automated image flip when using the ultra-wide 12mm T1.8.

New LDS-2 features for visual effects

The new LDS-2 functionality allows post-production to extract a ton of metdata that information that is crucial when doing VFX.

  • Precise entrance pupil position information for close focus depth-of-field calculations
  • Dynamic focal length information compensates for changes in image magnification at extreme close focus

It isn’t often we see firmware updates for lenses, but as technology moves forward a lot of the tools we use in this industry are essentially becoming a blend of both hardware and firmware.

The Software Update Package 2.1 for the Signature Prime Lenses is backward compatible to older Signature Prime versions, no camera update is required. Future ALEXA and AMIRA SUPs will support new lens metadata and automatic picture flip.

Please visit your ARRI Service Center for lens software upgrades.

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